Information included here is an abbreviated summary of frequent issues that come up regarding travel reimbursements.  For more details, please contact your SAS Business Manager, or review the full travel policy on the University Policy Library Website.

Useful Policies/Forms for Expense Management

Requests for reimbursement must fall within the parameters of the University Travel Policy.  Individuals incurring expenses are expected to exercise prudent judgment in incurring travel-related expenses, and affirm that any expenses incurred are directly work-related and are obtained by the most economical means. If additional costs are incurred such as accommodating personal preferences or the costs of companion travel, these costs should be paid personally.  Faculty and staff traveling on university business are also responsible for ensuring that expense reports are prepared and submitted in a timely manner with appropriate receipts and required documentation.

Expense reports must be processed within 60 days of the travel end date or the purchase date. 
Receipts are required for all expenses greater than $50. 

Air, train (Amtrak), hotel, car rentals must be booked using Direct Travel, Rutgers preferred travel agency.  Coordinate preferred flights among group members and book individually using the Rutgers Travel Services Online Booking Tool (Concur) or by contacting Direct Travel, the Rutgers-approved travel agency by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or phone# 1-888-818-1067.

An agent can assist you with identifying the best flight options, especially for international trips. Travelers who prefer to be on the same itinerary should contact Direct Travel via phone 1-888-818-1067 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to coordinate.

 Please note: You will need to create and save a traveler profile prior to contacting them.

Travel that is not booked using the Rutgers Travel Online Booking Tool or Direct Travel will not be considered Rutgers-related travel and will not be reimbursed.

Air and Amtrak are paid by Rutgers up front.  The remaining trip expenses would be covered by the faculty lead/director and submitted for reimbursement on an expense report in the expense management system upon return from travel. 

Help with booking travel on the online booking tool. 
Online Travel Booking Tool Demo 
Accessing the Online Booking Tool 
Steps to Take to Charge Travel Expenses to a Project

Expense Management is the system at Rutgers University that will facilitate the reimbursement of expenses for Rutgers employees.

The Expense Management system is accessed through Cornerstone.

Navigate to the Expense Report System:

  • Go to the MyRutgers Portal 
  • Login using your netid and password
  • Under the My Apps tab, click on the Expense Management icon (located under the finance group).

Helpful Downloads

  • Create an Expense Report in the Expense Management System
  • Review Expense Report and Reimbursement Status

 Airfare and Amtrak are booked in advance through Direct Travel, the university’s global travel agency and pre-paid by the University and allocated to the appropriate Project or Unit.

Faculty and Students (Rutgers employees only)
Coordinate preferred flights among group members and book individually using the Rutgers Online Booking Tool (must create a profile first before booking).

 Travelers who prefer to be on the same itinerary should contact Direct Travel via phone 1-888-818-1067 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to coordinate. 

  • Per Diem (only for single person meals not shared or group meals) 
  • Select one of the following per diem reimbursement options:
    • Rutgers per diem rate of $50 for all cities (domestic or foreign): $10 breakfast, $10 lunch, $30 dinner
    • IRS per diem rate by city (see Procurement Services website for rates)
  • Breakdown by Meal = 20% Breakfast, 20% Lunch, 60% Dinner
    (Eg. $50 per diem rate= $10 Breakfast, $10 Lunch, $30 Dinner)

  • Travel Days (depart and return date) receive 75% of the per diem rate.
    (Eg. $50 per diem rate for a travel day= $37.50 [$7.50 Breakfast, $7.50 Lunch, $22.50 Dinner])

  • Must be pro-rated for any meals provided
    (Eg. $50 per diem rate w/ lunch provided = $40 [$10 Breakfast, $0 Lunch, $30 Dinner])

  • Conference agenda must be provided to confirm dates and any meals provided
  • Use Meal Reimbursement Form to assist with the calculation of reimbursable per diem meals and to clearly identify the breakdown by meal for each day

Note: Per diem is only for single person meals, not shared or group meals.

 If you are requesting reimbursements for actual meal costs, rather then using a per diem option, receipts for all meals are required, no matter what the dollar amount is.

Group Meals

Please note there is no per diem option for group and/or shared meal expenses.  Travelers who pay for meals for groups who are dining together can request reimbursement with supporting documentation:

  • an itemized receipt that includes date, amount, place, proof of payment and a description of the expense
  • if paid with a credit card, submit credit card receipts or redacted statement along with an itemized bill to show meal expenses
  • valid business purpose / clear, detailed description
  • a list of attendees including affiliations

Travelers can submit credit card receipts to show meal expenses.


It is important to note that you must obtain itemized receipts for all group expenses that you wish to be reimbursed for.  You will also need a list of all included on the expense.

There might be exceptional circumstances that would justify a higher cost for guests, but those will need a clearly stated and convincing reason. Also, there might be a justification available for a higher cost for a faculty/staff member but exceeding the limits should be a very rare occurrence.

All hotel reservations should be made using Concur or by contacting Direct Travel. Exceptions are only made for hotel bookings associated with conference/convention room blocks and Airbnb, Vrbo, and other "home-share" providers. 

See "Booking Travel" for more information.

 If you have a preferred hotel that they do not have in their system, they are flexible. Provide them the hotel contact information and they will book the rooms.  The hotel rooms are not pre-paid, however. The charge must be paid by the faculty member.  A personal credit card is required to book hotel reservations. You will submit an expense report for reimbursement once you return from your travel. The credit card is used to guarantee the booking and is not charged unless the reservation is canceled within the hotel’s cancellation penalty period.  The Rutgers credit card is only used for air. 


Rental car reservations must be made through Direct Travel, and are paid by the traveler and submitted for reimbursement.

See checklist for vehicle size and classification restrictions.


Uber/Lyft, car service, taxis, bus, train, shuttles

These travel arrangements can be done outside of the official booking tool or RU travel agency and are reimbursable with original receipts.  Be careful that taxi or other transportation costs are not incurred over the same dates you have rented a car. 

Travel Costs for local taxis, limos, buses, subways, and trains used while traveling will be reimbursed at actual cost. Attach receipts, if available or over $50, and clearly note origin and destination, travel dates, and explain the purpose of each trip.

Tolls and parking fees are also reimbursable with original receipts. Gasoline expenses are not reimbursable.

Travelers are expected to use the most economical means of transportation available.