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Screening of Ndirangu Wachanga's documentary about Kenyan poet and activist Micere Githae Mugo

Thursday, September 29, 2022, 02:00pm - 03:20pm

Filmmaker and archivist Ndirangu Wachanga will screen his newly released documentary biography of Micere Githae Mugo. Growing up during one of the most violent periods of Kenya's history, Micere was used as a guinea pig when the British grappled with the "dilemma" of integrating public spaces in colonial Kenya. She rose to become the first woman dean, and subsequently the first person to earn a PhD in literature in East Africa. When she stood against authoritarian regime in Kenya, Micere became a target for assassination. She fled the country in 1982. Micere spent 24 years at Syracuse, serving as the head of the African American Studies Program.

Wachanga photo

Location: AB 1180 East